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Furoped (300Mg/30Ml) Sol

(30 ml in a Bottle)
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SALTS:    Furosemid (10 mg)

Salt Information


Pregnancy: D Lactation: L4 Lab: NA Food: NA

Typical usage: Asthma, Congestive heart failure, Degradation of pancreatic enzyme suppliments, Edema, Heart failure, Hypertension, Long-term treatment of healed reflux oesophagitis, Oedema, Oliguria, Oliguria due to renal failure, Oliguria due to renal failure, Pulmonary edema

Side Effects: Photosensitivity, Skin rashes, Ototoxicity, Nephrocalcinosis, Hyponatremia, Urinary retention, Dizziness, Blurred vision, Hypokalemia, Cardiac arrhythmias, CHO intolerance, Hypomagnesemia, Hyperosmolar non-ketotic precoma, deafness, Hypocalcemic tetany, Ototoxicity, Hypochloremic alkalosis.

Drug Interaction: Furosemide is known to interact with other drugs like Aliskiren, Amikacin (Sulphate), Arbekacin, Caffeine, Calcium Gluconate, Captopril, Carbamazepine, Cefaclor (Monohydrate), Cefazolin, Cefotaxime, Ceftizoxime (Na).

Mechanism Of Action: Furosemide inhibits reabsorption of Na and chloride mainly in the medullary portion of the ascending Loop of Henle. Excretion of potassium and ammonia is also increased while uric acid excretion is reduced. It increases plasma-renin levels and secondary hyperaldosteronism may result.

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